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Alkaline Trio - My Shame Is True on LP + CD - direct audio

Alkaline Trio - My Shame Is True on LP + CD

Epitaph Records

  • $ 1998

Alkaline Trio My Shame Is True on LP + CD

It’s been 14 years since Alkaline Trio released their first full‐length album, Goddamnit. In that time, they’ve toured the world, sold over a million records and expanded their sound beyond their original straight‐ahead punk style, incorporating more melody and production. Now with My Shame Is True, Alkaline Trio have honed their songwriting craft to a new high, coming with their strongest set of songs to date.

The album contains 40 minutes of passionate punk-filled rock that showcases guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist/vocalist Dan Andriano and drummer Derek Grant at their absolute best. From the album’s first melodic opener “She Lied To The FBI” to the first single, “ I Wanna Be A Warhol” the Trio wastes no time setting the tone for their energetic, hook-filled, eighth studio album.

For the first time ever on an Alkaline Trio record, My Shame Is True also finds a guest appearance from Rise Against’s Tim Mcllarth on the rousing punk rock anthem, “I , Pessimist,” while songs like “I’m Only Here to Disappoint” and album closer, “Till Death Do Is Part” remind fans of classic Trio, with stellar song-writing and catchy choruses.

With producer extraordinaire Bill Stevenson (member of All, Descendents, Black Flag, producer of As I Lay Dying, Rise Against, NOFX, Against Me!) at the dials, the album has all the crunch and verve of classic pop punk. Coming off the much‐lauded This Addiction, which the LA Times hailed as the “band’s best album in years,” Alkaline Trio will awe old and new fans alike with their continued quest for pop punk perfection. LP also contains CD of the full album.

Alkaline Trio My Shame Is True Track Listing:

1. She Lied To The FBI
2. I Wanna Be A Warhol
3. I'm Only Here To Disappoint
4. Kiss You To Death
5. The Temptation Of St. Anthony
6. I, Pessimist
7. Only Love
8. The Torture Doctor
9. Midnight Blue
10. One Last Dance
11. Young Lovers
12. Until Death Do Us Part

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