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Amon Amarth - Versus the World 180g Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Amon Amarth - Versus the World 180g Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

Metal Blade Records

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Amon Amarth Versus the World 180g Vinyl LP

Heavy metal is a way of life, but it's not for the faint of heart. The history of metal is strewn with fading memories of bands that fell apart when times were tough. But history is written by the victors, and Amon Amarth have been marching purposefully from triumph to greater triumph for over two decades now.

Formed amid the fertile Swedish metal scene in the mid ‘90s, these dedicated diehards brought a new sense of drama and destruction to the world of heavy music, propagating tales of Viking mythology and mortal combat over a devastating soundtrack of crushing rhythms, refined melody and rousing, rebellious refrains. With each successive album, Amon Amarth‘s reputation grows; their arsenal of heroic hymns gaining strength and depth at the same time.

Amon Amarth has a long history with Metal Blade Records, that goes back to 1998 when they released their debut album, Once Sent From The Golden Hall. That album, along with 1999′s The Avenger, were the first two Amon Amarth records that received the Metal Blade "Originals"-treatment in January 2017.

In May, the next two albums in the band's catalog – The Crusher (2001) and Versus The World (2002) – will also be re-issued on 180-gram vinyl as Metal Blade "Originals", featuring 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60 x 60 cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts. Metal Blade Records will re-issue all Amon Amarth albums chronologically in the near future.

Amon Amarth Versus the World Track Listing:

1. Death in Fire
2. For the Stabwounds in our Backs
3. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
4. Vs. the World
5. Across the Rainbow Bridge
6. Down the Slopes of Death
7. Thousand Years of Oppression
8. Bloodshed
9. ...And the World Will Cease to Be

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