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Anathema - A Natural Disaster on Limited Edition 180g LP + CD - direct audio

Anathema - A Natural Disaster 180g Vinyl LP + CD

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Anathema A Natural Disaster 180g Vinyl LP + CD

Newly Remastered & Available on Vinyl in the U.S. for the Very First Time

Anathema formed in the early-90s in Liverpool, England, initially under the name of Pagan Angel and grew from a heavy doom/death metal style act into a more progressive and melodic group, blending rock elements with strong atmospherics inspired by classic acts such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead. The band signed with Peaceville Records after recording the All Faith Is Lost demo in 1991, and are known for being part of the Peaceville doom metal trinity in the early 1990’s (alongside fellow UK bands Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride).

A Natural Disaster, originally issued in 2003, is a composition of work that sees Anathema, not only doing what they do best – hard, pounding, intense rock, but also showing a softer more thought provoking and creative side – atmospheric beauty, flowing keyboards and heartfelt vocals. The release was described by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Danny Cavanagh as “A collection of songs that reflect personal experience, thoughts and feelings that have been building up for the past few years. A journey of Light and Shade, Love and Hate, Yin and Yang."

It is this new centered and uncluttered focusing that has given A Natural Disaster a quality previously shown by the likes of Air and Portishead. A Natural Disaster has been newly remastered and is appearing on the vinyl format for the first time in the U.S in a limited edition 180 gram black vinyl pressing with accompanying CD insert.


• Digitally remastered
• Limited edition of 500 units
• Vinyl available in the US for the first time
• Includes CD insert
• Liner notes available from the band

Anathema A Natural Disaster Track Listing:

1. Harmonium
2. Balance
3. Closer
4. Are You There?
5. Childhood Dream
6. Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second
7. A Natural Disaster
8. Flying
9. Electricity
10. Violence

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