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Andra Day - Cheers To The Fall on Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Andra Day - Cheers To The Fall on Vinyl 2LP

Warner Brothers

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Andra Day Cheers To The Fall on Vinyl 2LP

Debut Album from Vintage-Soul Singer featuring Stevie Wonder

Featuring production from Adrian Gurvitz, Raphael Saadiq, and ?uestlove, vintage-soul singer Andra Day's sterling debut album Cheers To The Fall finds the fast rising San Diego-native on a quest for freedom and redemption. Cheers to the Fall is a "biography in the form of soul music" about truth, fearlessness, vulnerability, forgiveness and love.

"This album explores the darkness that comes from the aftermath of heartbreak and heartbreak that I have caused," Day explains. "I have learned how destructive it is to be selfish and through it, have learned the meaning of forgiveness. I have learned to forgive myself."

A common theme in the 13-song effort from the you-need-to-know artist is resilience. "Cheers to the Fall is a message to everyone that we need to dive into things that scare and challenge us," she adds. "When we do so, we may not always have success every time we try; but every time we try and maybe stumble or fall, we get back up and try again, a little smarter and a littler stronger."

Influenced by timeless singers like Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, and Erykah Badu, Cheers to the Fall features soul legend Stevie Wonder, who actually discovered Andra Day and first introduced her to the founders of Buskin Entertainment.

Andra Day Cheers To The Fall Track Listing:

1. Forever Mine
2. Only Love
3. Gold
4. Not Today
5. Mistake
6. Goodbye Goodnight
7. Rear View
8. Red Flags
9. Honey Or Fire
10. Gin And Juice (Let Go My Hand)
11. Rise Up
12. City Burns
13. Cheers To The Fall

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