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Ane Brun - How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow Colored 180g Vinyl LP

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Ane Brun How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow Colored 180g Vinyl LP

After playing a few minor shows and recording her first demos in Bergen in 1999, she moved to Sweden, first to Uppsala and then to Stockholm in 2001, where she started to take her musical career seriously.

Brun recorded her debut album, Spending Time with Morgan, in 2002 in both Stockholm and back in Uppsala, with engineers and producers Katharina Nuttall, Cécile Grudet and Kim Nelson. It was released on the DetErMine label, which she formed with Ellekari Larsson from the Swedish band The Tiny. The album was released in 11 European countries in 2003 through a licence/distribution deal with V2 Music.

Norwegian artist Ane Brun's ninth studio album HOW BEAUTY HOLDS THE HAND OF SORROW's finds Brun returning to her early work's intimate poignancy, nine tracks of stunning artful singer-songwriter fare.

She picks up her acoustic guitar for 'Meet You At The Delta' and 'Breaking The Surface', and 'Song For Thrill And Tom''s luminous buoyancy is meanwhile boosted by angelic backing vocals from Jennie Abrahamson, Linnea Olsson, Therese Börjesson and Carolina Wallin Perez. Nestling at the album's heart, furthermore, lies the simply magical 'Trust'. "Both albums deal with the bigger questions in life," says Brun, "but in 2020 these questions have become even bigger.

It was largely recorded at Stockholm's Atlantis Studios and Studio Bruket, home to Tonbruket and the studio where musician and co-producer Martin Hederos - who also co-wrote a number of songs - and Studio Bruket's own house sound technician Anton Sundell reside.

Ane Brun How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow Track Listing:

1. Last Breath
2. Closer
3. Song for Thrill and Tom
4. Meet You at the Delta
5. Trust
6. Gentle Wind of Gratitude
7. Breaking the Surface
8. Lose My Way Ft. Dustin O*Halloran
9. Don't Run and Hide (Piano Version)

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