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Anvil - Hope in Hell Vinyl LP + Bonus Tracks - direct audio

Anvil - Hope in Hell Vinyl LP + Bonus Tracks

The End Records

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Anvil Hope in Hell Vinyl LP + Bonus Tracks

Hope in Hell is the fifteenth studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Anvil. It was released on May 24, 2013 in Germany, May 27 in the rest of Europe and May 28 in North America. The album was produced by Bob Marlette, who, according to Steve "Lips" Kudlow, contributed a lot to songwriting and arrangements with his skills. The whole album was written by Lips and Robb Reiner alone.

Anvil have paved their own path throughout their 3 decade long career, revered by the likes of Metallica, Motorhead and Guns N Roses, the legendary Canadian metallers have 14 studio albums under their belts, have gone on countless tours around the world, and even starred in their own award winning documentary Anvil!

Hope In Hell is Anvil’s 15th studio record and it’s truly by all means a pure Anvil record. Fused with many Classic Rock elements and less experimenting compared to it’s predecessor, Hope In Hell is yet another testament to the band’s personal view of how badass, mean and “Metal” Rock ‘n’ Roll can really be.

The album is a collection of that kind of Heavy/Speed Metal that the dudes from Canada have been playing since their early beginnings in the late 70’s. But unfortunately, that is also the weak link of the album. Anvil never really showed any signs of musical growth since their third album Forged In Fire, and that is probably one of the many reasons they didn’t make it big. If we explore this collection a bit more, we can easily discover that the written lyrics are at some points dumb and annoying to say the least.

It is true that lyrical work was never the best aspect of Anvil’s musicianship but things really hit a lyrical nadir with songs like the uproarious Shut The *** Up. Unfortunately, there’s more to it. The album lacks consistency. Even if there are some great ideas and some interesting songs, it is not enough to counterpart the poor lyrics and the overused music. Through With You is another reason why this album lacks imagination. It’s evidently one of the best tracks of Hope In Hell, destined to be ranked in future lists for the 2010’s “best of guitar riffs”, only if Ritchie Blackmore hadn’t come up with his famous Smoke On The Water riff some 30+ years before.

Seriously, if there would be a song synonymous of plagiarism, that would be Through With You.

Anvil Hope in Hell Track Listing:


1. Hope in Hell
2. Eat Your Words
3. Through with You
4. The Fight Is Never Won
5. Pay the Toll
6. Flying
7. Call of Duty
8. Badass Rock N Roll
9. Time Shows No Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut the F*** Up
12. Hard Wired
13. Fire at Will

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