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Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony on Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony on Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

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Apocalyptica Inquisition Symphony on Vinyl LP

Since they formed in 1993, Finnish orchestral rock band Apocalyptica has released eight studio albums featuring numerous cello-based instrumentals along with some vocal-based songs. Whatever styles they've explored – from atmospheric interludes to fast, battering rhythms - their music has been gripping, dynamic and full of melody.

Apocalyptica started as an outlet for Eicca Toppinen and three of his classically trained classmates at the prestigious Sibelius Academy. Three years later, they released their 1996 debut, Apocalyptica Plays Metallica by Four Cellos, a potent 8-track set of instrumental Metallica covers. Toppinen explained, "When we made the first album, our expectations were, ‘Okay, if we sell 1,000 copies and get a few shows, that's cool.' Then, we got the requests to play a lot of shows after the first album and the sound changed totally. We realized, ‘Okay, the first album sounds horrible, so let's make another one which is more exciting.'"

On 1998's Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica refined their approach and procured better production from Otto Donner and Hiili Hiilesmaa. Like their debut, the eleven-track album featured Metallica songs, but it also includes dynamic covers of songs by Faith No More, Sepultura, Pantera and three originals.

Apocalyptica Inquisition Symphony Track Listing:

1. Harmageddon
2. From Out of Nowhere
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Nothing Else Matters
5. Refuse / Resist
6. M.B.
7. Inquisition Symphony
8. Fade to Black
9. Domination
10. Toreador
11. One

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