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Atmosphere - Southsiders Colored Vinyl 2LP + Download Card - direct audio

Atmosphere - Southsiders Colored Vinyl 2LP + Download Card

Rhymesayer Records

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Atmosphere Southsiders Colored Vinyl 2LP + Download Card

First Pressing on Vinyl!

Minneapolis is known for many things - pretty lakes, the Mall of America, lutefisk. But 17 years ago, hip-hop act Atmosphere transformed the city into something else entirely: a nexus from which underground rap spiraled-out to the masses. And thanks to the duo’s indefatigable touring habits, Top 20-charting albums, and their galvanizing artist-owned label Rhymesayers (MF Doom, Aesop Rock), they’re still pushing the boundaries of what indie rap can mean.

It’s with that overachieving-underdog spirit that MC Sean “Slug” Daley and producer Anthony “Ant” Davis have named Atmosphere’s eighth studio album Southsiders, a shout-out to their native neighborhood. Because, says Slug, “We have spent the majority of our career - God, we can call it a career! - repping the south side of Minneapolis pretty hard.”

While Southsiders is a celebration of the group’s fortitude, it is also a deeply introspective, and sometimes conflicted, work. “It’s a natural progression from the last record, The Family Sign, which was about growing my family,” says Slug, now a father to three, who finds himself contemplating mortality. “I’m starting to think, ‘What is post–family man? What am I supposed to rap about now?’ I’m sticking to my roots, rapping about what I’m doing, what I think about. This record is - much like the other ones - a very detailed look at my life.”

The album captures everything from a blazing, anthemic takedown in “Southsiders,” to the ebb-and-flow of loss in the sauntering “Arthur’s Song,” to emotional abandon in the rousing “Kanye West.” The latter - and its mantra, “put your hands in the air like you really do care” - is a high-five to the rapper whose emotional reactions are often misperceived as not caring. Says Slug, “I wanted to write a song about loving something so much that you submit to the moment."

Custom LP packaging: printed PVC plastic case, gatefold jacket, double metallic silver vinyl with full color custom printed sleeves, 8-page LP lyric booklet including free digital download card.

Atmosphere Southsiders Track Listing:


1. Camera Thief
2. Arthur’s Song
3. The World Might Not Live Through The Night
4. Star Shaped Heart
5. I Love You Like A Brother
6. Southsiders
7. Bitter
8. Mrs. Interpret


1. Fortunate
2. Kanye West
3. We Ain’t Gonna Die Today
4. My Lady Got Two Men
5. Flicker
6. January On Lake Street
7. Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

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