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Atoms For Peace - Amok Vinyl 2LP + MP3 Coupon (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Atoms For Peace - Amok Vinyl 2LP + MP3 Coupon (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

XL Records

  • $ 2998

Atoms For Peace Amok Vinyl 2LP + MP3 Coupon

Debut Album from the New Supergroup featuring Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Mauro Refosco, Joey Waronker and Flea.

Atoms for Peace is a new band featuring Thom Yorke (vocals/keyboards/programming/guitar), Nigel Godrich (production/programming), Mauro Refosco (percussion), Joey Waronker (drums), and Flea (bass).

They came together a few years ago while playing in support of Thom’s Grammy nominated solo album The Eraser. They got a big buzz from those shows and discovered loads of energy from transforming the music from electronic to live, so they carried on for a few days in the studio and decided to make it a loose, on-going project since everyone in the band also has a day job.

"(We) discovered a good energy doing that," Yorke explains. "And it fell into this record...Atoms is an ongoing and open-ended projected, where it leads I know not for certain...which is what is nice about it." Amok is the group's XL Records debut album, following the previously released limited edition "Default" single and the "Tamer Animals"/"Other Side" 12". This standard 2LP version also includes an MP3 coupon.


• Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
• Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
• Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer)
• Joey Waronker (Beck)
• Mauro Refosco

Atoms For Peace Amok Track Listing:


1. Before Your Very Eyes
2. Default
3. Ingenue
4. Dropped


1. Unless
2. Stuck Together Pieces
3. Judge Jury And Executioner
4. Reverse Running
5. Amok

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