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Audeze iSINE20 In-Ear Headphones buy at direct audio

Audeze iSINE20 In-Ear Headphones


  • $ 59900

Audeze iSINE20 In-Ear Headphones

The World's First True Planar-Magnetic In-Ear Headphones Feature Ultra-Long Uniforce Voice Coil: Audeze iSINE20 Includes 24-Bit High-Res CIPHER Lightning Cable/DAC/DSP for Apple Devices

The world's first true planar-magnetic in-ear headphones, Audeze iSINE20 look as if they're used by our favorite heroes and villains in a galaxy far, far away. These groundbreaking ‘phones sound equally futuristic – meaning they promise you levels of dynamics, detail, precision, control, bass response (flat to 10Hz), and quickness that no other model in its range delivers.

Equipped with power-enhancing Fluxor magnets, large 30mm planar-magnetic diaphragms, and patented Uniforce voice-coil technology, the easy-to-drive iSINE20 incorporates many of the technical advances of Audeze's renowned LCD Series in a smaller, lighter package. Compared to its sibling, iSINE10, iSINE 20 features an even longer Uniforce voice coil that covers the ultra-thin diaphragm to a greater extent, enabling better control and responsiveness for greater bass, sterling clarity, and improved imaging to get you closer to your music.

“Audeze’s iSINE20 is a great mid-priced earphone and one that’s capable of redefining our expectations for what products of this type and price can do. For best results, try the iSINE20 with its associated CIPHER cable for iDevices and prepare to be amazed. Very highly recommended!”

"Not only did the iSINE headphones sound markedly better than any closed in-ear models I've tried (several dozen, for the record), but they are also one of the few that come with a cord compatible with the iPhone7."
– The New York Times

Weighing just 22 grams (!), the U.S.A.-designed and -built iSINE20 comes with the award-winning CIPHER Lightning cable for Apple devices. Featuring an inline amplifier, DAC, and DSP, CIPHER delivers 24-bit audio from iPhones, iPads, and iPods. You can even customize your sound in real time with the Audeze iOS app, which claims two presets and a ten-band equalizer. With iSINE10, you will enjoy tremendously vivid, three-dimensional experiences from your music.

And go ahead, turn it up: iSINE20's distortion is less than the 0.1% overall even at high volume levels. Physically, iSINE20's ear hooks and Earlocks ensure longevity and comfort. An adapter and standard audio cable are also included. 

"They're remarkably clear and crisp ... like looking through a window that you've just wiped clean for the first time."
– The Wall Street Journal

iSINE Planar Magnetic Technology

Miniaturizing planar drivers is no small feat. iSINE Series barely weighs 20 grams, contains all exclusive patented technology including power-enhancing Fluxor Magnets that nearly double the magnetic driving force on large, ultra-thin diaphragms with patented Uniforce voice-coil technology that delivers an exceedingly accurate in-ear headphones experience. The distortion (THD) is less the 0.1% overall even at high volumes, an amazing achievement for in-ear headphone designs.

World's First 24-Bit Lightning Cable for Higher-Resolution Sound

Audeze's award-winning CIPHER Lightning cable specially optimized for the iSINE Series, delivers 24-bit digital audio from iPhone/iPad/IPod to the headphones. The CIPHER cable contains a high-quality inline amplifier, digital-to-analog converter, and DSP. With the powerful DSP capabilities of the Cipher cable, the iSINE headphones deliver a vivid, almost like-you're-there experience.

Customize the sound in real-time with the Audeze iOS App. It features two presets and a 10-band equalizer that changes EQ in real time. Refine the bass levels and tamp down the highs on peaky recordings you still love to hear. The two EQ presets travel with the cable when switching devices.

Customize Your Sound with the Audeze iOS App

The Audeze DSP app features two presets to personalize your music playback. It features a 10-band equalizer that changes EQ in real time. Refine the bass levels and tamp down the highs on peaky recordings you still love. Save two EQ curve presets that travel with the cable when switching devices.

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