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AudioQuest - 1002 Bananna Adapter Set of 4


  • $ 2500

AudioQuest 1002 Bananna Adapter Set of 4

Made from high-conductivity brass and sold in sets of four, the 1002 Banana Adapters are some of our best selling AQ accessories. Designed to accept either a 1/4" spade or AQ's multi-size spades, the 1002 Banana Adapters use a unique nut & bolt connection assembly making it easy to "stack" spades or quickly switch between speaker wires.

Simply insert the spade(s) around the 1002's post and use a wrench to tighten the nut. Despite their light weight, the 1002's nut may be tightened down quite firmly for maximum contact and a secure fit.

The 1002 Banana Adapters are made from high-conductivity brass for long term reliability and durability. Available with heavy plating in either gold or silver, the 1002's heavy plated soft finish is a testament to AQ's commitment not to add a smoothing layer of nickle or rhodium underneath for the best sounding connector possible.

We are frequently asked about the difference in sound between the gold and the silver. We find the gold plated to have a slightly softer, warmer sound and the silver plated to have a slightly faster, more detailed sound.

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