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AudioQuest - HDMI Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 4) - direct audio

AudioQuest - HDMI Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 4)


  • $ 2995

AudioQuest HDMI Noise-Stopper Caps (Set of 4)

Simple, Inexpensive Devices Block Noise from Entering Active Circuit and Protect Against Dust: AudioQuest HDMI Noise-Stopper Caps Fit Over the Unused HDMI Inputs and Outputs of Your Gear

AudioQuest's RCA noise-stopper caps have for decades been one of the cheapest, most effective audiophile accessories. The company has wisely expanded that concept to HDMI noise-stopper caps for unused HDMI inputs and outputs. By fitting these handy devices right over the unused ins/outs, they prevent RFI and EMI noise from entering the active circuit – and protect against dust and corrosion.

You'll hear (and see) the difference. Simple and easy! If you have audio or video gear with open HDMI inputs, consider these caps as essential as the power cable. (Sold in sets of four.)

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