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Babes In Toyland - Fontanelle 180g LP - direct audio - 1

Babes In Toyland - Fontanelle 180g Vinyl LP

Rhino Records

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Babes In Toyland Fontanelle 180g Vinyl LP

Babes in Toyland came to prominence in the late ‘80s with a raw live show that captured a musical and cultural moment; angry, talented and unfettered by societal norms, there were no costumes, no matching outfits and no harmonies. The Minneapolis-born band was as punk as their contemporaries, male or female, and made history along the way.

Releasing three full-length albums and a number of singles and EPs, the trio influenced a legion of musicians including Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill and Jack-Off Jill. Dangerous Minds said, “Kat’s delivery was intense and atonal, with her lyrics referencing fairytales (“Handsome and Gretel”), pain, rage, beauty, betrayal, and abusive parents, not sung with sweet, breathy, unsure vocals, but with a gut-wrenching maenad’s growl.”

They were the first of their female contemporaries to sign to a major label (Fontanelle, the band’s sophomore release, arrived in 1992 via Reprise Records) and as a byproduct of their individualism, Kat kick-started the return of baby doll dresses and plastic barrettes.

Babes In Toyland Fontanelle Track Listing:

1. Bruise Violet
2. Right Now
3. Bluebell
4. Handsome and Gretel
5. Blood
6. Magick Flute
7. Won't Tell
8. Quiet Room
9. Spun
10. Short Song
11. Jungle Train
12. Pearl
13. Real Eyes
14. Mother
15. Gone

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