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Backyard Babies - Sliver and Gold Vinyl LP + CD - direct audio

Backyard Babies - Sliver and Gold Vinyl LP + CD

M-Theory Audio

  • $ 2398

Backyard Babies Sliver and Gold Vinyl LP + CD

Swedish rockers Backyard Babies celebrate their 30th anniversary with the release of their Chips Kiesbye (Graveyard, The Hellacopters, Millencolin) produced eighth album Sliver & Gold which features 10 sizzling new songs that find the perfect balance between sleazy, punky, all-out party rock 'n' roll and decidedly more mature, thoroughly melancholic numbers. While catchy sing-a-long smashers like lead single "Shovin' Rocks," opener "Good Morning Midnight," the anthemic "Bad Seeds" and "44 Undead" will have you fist-pumping and foot stompin', beautiful ballad-like closer "Laugh Now, Cry Later" might cause you to shed a tear or two.

"After all these years touring and making music together, we still love what we do, and still we find new ways musically," says guitarist Dregen. "'Sliver & Gold' sounds like classic Backyard Babies, but with a total new set of spices. And they are damn hot!" Vinyl LP includes bonus CD featuring five newly-recorded acoustic tracks.

Backyard Babies Sliver and Gold Track Listing:

1. Good Morning Midnight
2. Simple Being Sold
3. Shovin' Rocks
4. Ragged Flag
5. Yes To All No
6. Bad Seeds
7. 44 Undead
8. Sliver & Gold
9. A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts
10. Laugh Now Cry Later

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