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Barry Gray - Supercar: Soundtrack Colored Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Barry Gray - Supercar: Soundtrack Colored Vinyl 2LP

Silva Screen

  • $ 3998

Barry Gray Supercar: Soundtrack Colored Vinyl 2LP

Supercar was the second Gerry Anderson show to use the Supermarionation technique. An impressive thirty-nine episodes were produced between 1961 and 1962, so Barry Gray had to produce the music fast and on a limited budget. He composed a series of themes for locations, situations and characters. The main star of the show, Supercar, is given the heroic theme, whilst the rest of the score veers between charmingly whimsical to support the dialogue and menacing when underlining the drama.

The 40-piece orchestra was conducted by Gray himself. Barry Gray was amongst the first composers to use electronic instruments in music for television. One such instrument was the Ondes Martenot, used to produce otherworldly musical motifs and fragments and later to create sound effects for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Available on colored vinyl 2LP for the first time!

Barry Gray Supercar: Soundtrack Track Listing:

1. Supercar Series One Main Titles
2. Full Boost Vertical
3. The Headhunters and Sargon
4. Whimsical Antics
5. Masterspy Theme/Pleasant Theme
6. What Goes Up
7. Supercar Series Two Main Titles
8. The Runaway Train
9. Precious Cargo
10. Zizi's Song
11. Super Stork
12. Hi-jack
13. Calling Charlie Queen
14. The Beakette Danube
15. Space For Mitch
16. Jail Break
17. The Day Time Stood Still
18. City Lights
19. Gifted Gorilla
20. Supercar Extended Theme

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