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Beach Bunny - Blame Game Colored Vinyl EP + Stickers (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Beach Bunny - Blame Game Colored Vinyl EP + Stickers (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

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Beach Bunny Blame Game Colored Vinyl EP + Stickers

In 2020 Chicago power pop outfit Beach Bunny rode a sudden wave of interest, in part from Tik Tok, into a brilliant debut with Honeymoon. The endearing record by all rights should have been remembered as one of 2020’s best sets of indie kid summer anthems. It was not to be, unfortunately, as the record had barely been out a month before the pandemic more or less canceled last year’s summer fun.

Envisioned as a loose narrative tour through the innocent early days of romance—the titular “Honeymoon Period”—singer/songwriter Lili Trifilio and company were primarily concerned with one topic: love. It was no mistake the record dropped on Valentine’s Day. Now, almost one year later, Beach Bunny is back with a tight, no-nonsense EP, Blame Game.

On the face of it, not much has changed aesthetically. The band still brings its emotionally charged mix of pop punk, fuzzy indie rock, and hooky power pop. Similarly, the band’s focus is just as singular as on Honeymoon. Blame Game comes with a message, taking an especially lean and focused look at patriarchy, everyday male chauvinism, and the constant corrosive effects they have on women’s lives. Listen closer and the changes are evident. The band has come back more confident, more direct, and more fierce.

Though Beach Bunny tackles weightier subject matter, the effervescent joy and triumphant highs that define the band’s style are out in full force. If anything the songwriting feels more vital, rushing between tempos and dynamic changes with potent technicolor bombast. “Good Girls Don’t Get Used” blasts into power pop brilliance amid hooky guitar interplay and addictive indie pop ah-ahs.

Beach Bunny Blame Game Track Listing:

1. Good Girls (Don't Get Used)
2. Love Sick
3. Nice Guys
4. Blame Game

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