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The Beatles - The Decca Tapes Limited Edition Colored 180g Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Beatles - The Decca Tapes Limited Edition Colored 180g Import Vinyl LP

DOL Records

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The Beatles The Decca Tapes Limited Edition Colored 180g Import Vinyl LP

180g Clear Vinyl with Limited Die-Cut Sleeve!

Before they ignited Beatlemania, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records on January 1, 1962, in the hopes of securing a record deal. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Pete Best performed a total of 15 songs in just under one hour for the Decca staff, and the audition was recorded. Unfortunately for Decca Records, they decided to pass on signing the group. However, the audition tape of the young Beatles pre-Ringo Starr can be heard here on Limited Edition clear vinyl!

"The historical significance of this tape is vast; it illustrates where the Beatles were at this crucial juncture of their career. Less flatteringly, it illustrates how vastly they improved between the time of this audition and their first official album release, Please Please Me, 15 months later. In comparison, the sound here is thin and awkward, rife with tentative guitar phrases, nervous lead vocals, and stiff drumming (by Pete Best, who was still in the band at this point).

Keeping in mind that this was never intended for public release, in hindsight one finds a great deal of potential and charm, as well as outlines of their great harmonies. The group ended up reprising a lot of the covers, like "Money" and "Till There Was You," on their early albums and BBC broadcasts in much better versions; they also covered some odd popular standards ("September In The Rain," "Sheik Of Araby") that appear nowhere else. Especially fascinating are the three Lennon/McCartney tunes, "Hello Little Girl," "Love Of The Loved," and "Like Dreamers Do," which they never released on EMI, but ended up giving to the Fourmost, Cilla Black, and the Applejacks respectively; the Beatles' versions are much more rock-oriented and much better." - Richie Unterberger, allmusic.com

The Beatles The Decca Tapes Track Listing:

1. Like Dreamers Do
2. Money
3. Till There Was You
4. Sheik Of Araby
5. To Know Her Is To Love Her
6. Take Good Care Of My Baby
7. Memphis
8. Sure To Fall
9. Hello Little Girl
10. Three Cool Cats
11. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
12. Love Of The Loved
13. September In The Rain
14. Besame Mucho
15. Searchin'

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