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Black Map - In Droves Vinyl LP - direct audio

Black Map - In Droves Vinyl LP

Metal Entertainment

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Black Map In Droves Vinyl LP

Recorded with Aaron Hellam at Oakland's Hellam Sound, Black Map's In Droves is an ambitious but no less intense sophomore set, a boundary smashing, down-tuned heavy rock slab. The band is the union of three established Northern California rock musicians, driven by a shared dedication to big riffs, big drums and powerful, straight-ahead, all enveloping rock n' roll. Black Map consists of the versatile voice and walloping bass groove of Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), the wall-of-sound big riff histrionics of guitarist Mark Engles (dredg) and the unstoppable driving force and tasteful skill of drummer Chris Robyn (Far).

Songs like "Run Rabbit Run," "Foxglove," "No Color," and "White Fence" are united in a lyrical exhortation toward staunch individuality in the face of soul-crushing conformity. These are songs that challenge listeners to focus on what makes them unique as people, to shake off the gloomy dystopian results of mass groupthink, to actualize and harness one's own humanity. Black Map combine flourishes of beauty alongside the bombast and a modern sensibility that nevertheless will not sacrifice its raw realness.

Black Map In Droves Track Listing:

1. Transit l
2. Run Rabbit Run
3. Foxglove
4. Ruin
5. Heavy Waves
6. Dead Ringer
7. Octavia
8. Transit II
9. No Color
10. Indoor Kid
11. White Fence
12. Just My Luck
13. Cash for the Fears
14. Transit III
15. Coma Phase

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