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Black Sabbath - Volume 4 180g Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

Black Sabbath - Volume 4 180g Import Vinyl LP

Sanctuary Records

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 Black Sabbath Volume 4 180g Import Vinyl LP

Sabbath's sweeping and masterful metamorphosis away from that tradition spawned heavy metal music, inventing the template for everything that would follow. With crushing rhythms, torpedo riffs, haunting songs, and Ozzy's other-worldly vocals, the band conjured a dark, menacing, and resonant sound that reverberates still.

Vol. 4 is the fourth album by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, released in September 1972. The album was originally to be titled Snowblind, after one of several songs referring to cocaine use, and features several Sabbath classics, such as "Tomorrow's Dream," "Snowblind," "Supernaut" and "Changes."

Black Sabbath's 1972 album, while dismissed by the critics, reached gold status in less than a month from its release and reached number 13 on Billboard's pop album chart.

Q Magazine named Black Sabbath Vol. 4 as number 60 on their list of 100 Greatest British Albums Ever in June of 2000.

"The first break of sunshine in Sabbath's long night, as heavy metal's originators came to California and discovered the warm temptations of the world beyond Birmingham, England." - Ian Christe, author Sound Of The Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal

"Molten rocks hurtling across space imitating the origin of the universe, you dig? Ah, lay those chord slabs on my grave... whew. The Sabs are genius." - Tom Clark, Rolling Stone, 1971

Black Sabbath Volume 4 Track Listing:

1. Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener
2. Tomorrow's Dream
3. Changes
4. FX
5. Supernaut
6. Snowblind
7. Cornucopia
8. Laguna Sunrise
9. St. Vitus' Dance
10. Under the Sun

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