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Bluetip - Post Mortem Anthem on LP - direct audio

Bluetip - Post Mortem Anthem on LP

Dischord Records

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Bluetip Post Mortem Anthem on LP

Swiz was one of the most popular bands in the younger D.C. hardcore scene of the late '80s. Their singer, Shawn Brown, had been the original Dag Nasty vocalist, and they were on the Sammich Records label, which was distributed by Dischord Records. In 1995, several years after Swiz broke up, former members Jason Farrell and Dave Stern reunited to form Bluetip with bassist Jake Kump and drummer Zac Eller (Worlds Collide). Bluetip had a serious work-ethic releasing three albums on Dischord Records, as well as several singles and split releases on various labels, all while touring relentlessly. Bluetip's fifth and last dose of D.C./Dischord-style modern punk rock came in the form of Post Mortem Anthem, a 9-track collection of unreleased cuts recorded over the last eight years of their career plus a few rarities stripped from their seven-inch archive.

Bluetip Post Mortem Anthem Track Listing:

1. Spooky
2. Newport
3. Ephadrephine
4. Orchestra
5. Haunted House
6. No. 2
7. Routine Dictates
8. Retisonic
9. Japan

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