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BMX Bandits - BMX Bandits Forever Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP + Download (Awaiting Repress) - direct audio

BMX Bandits - BMX Bandits Forever Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP + Download (Awaiting Repress)

Elefant Spain

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BMX Bandits Bmx Bandits Forever Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP + Download

2017 release from the Scottish pop legends fronted by Duglas T. Stewart. Is it possible that, after more than 30 years in the music business, Duglas has, in 2017, made his best album? The collection of songs included on BMX Bandits Forever could be the best thing in their whole discography. Without letting go of their identity, or even of their obsessions and hang-ups. This is a moment to be cherished, and we should analyze every fragment, every note, every second. And there is a lot to work through, because we know that one of Duglas' "obsessions" is to include a solid handful of songs on every album.

This time, we have sixteen. But if there is a key name on this album, it is Stuart Kidd. Stuart is one of Glasgow's best liked and most prolific musicians. He originally joined BMX Bandits in 2002 and after a short break away is very much back in the heart of the group. His participation on BMX Bandits Forever has been key, both for his production and interpretation work, as well as for his songwriting, giving us practically all the songs a little extra that raises them up to the altar we found them at. He is Duglas's right-hand man on this journey toward eternity.

But we can't forget something that has always characterized BMX Bandits' albums: the search for perfect love in the shape of a perfect pop song, and all the frustrations that arise from a fantasy like that. From fun to rough, expressing things that only Duglas T Stewart can articulate with words. From here on out, BMX Bandits Forever is a classic - for their spirit (why that title, if not?) for their songwriting, for their inspiration, their references, their emotion. This album will definitively be one of the releases of the year for Elefant Records. And probably for Duglas T Stewart's career. And, of course, for all of us who love pop. And music.

BMX Bandits BMX Bandits Forever Track Listing:

1. My Girl Midge
2. That Lonely Feeling
3. Mais Do Que Valsa (Just a Memory)
4. Rust
5. Saveoursmiles
6. Love Me 'Til My Heart Stops
7. Somewhere
8. Way of the Wolf (With Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab)
9. It's in Her Eyes (With Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab)
10. It's Time (With Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab)
11. Razorblades & Honey (Featuring Anton Newcombe)
12. Forever
13. No Matter What You Say
14. How Not to Care
15. Life Without You
16. Mais Do Que Valsa (Reprise)

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