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Bobby McFerrin - Spontaneous Inventions on LP - direct audio

Bobby McFerrin - Spontaneous Inventions on LP

Blue Note Records

  • $ 1999

Bobby McFerrin Spontaneous Inventions on LP

Remastered and Reissued As Part of the Blue Note 75th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Campaign

Bobby McFerrin's highly eclectic debut album was released in 1982. But it was 1984's The Voice that first introduced Bobby's unprecedented vision of the singer as a solo artist, and began to convey the atmosphere of sacred joy he created in concert. Bobby loved the freedom of solo performance, the ability to reach for any and every influence, follow every impulse.

He began to draw attention with his unusual arsenal of vocal techniques, especially the percussive sounds he made with his mouth and by drumming on parts of his body. He was interested in experimentation and feedback from live audiences, and was reluctant to return to the recording studio. Linda Goldstein suggested a live recording, and they began work on Spontaneous Inventions (1986), a compilation of improvised solos and collaborations with surprise guest artists from Robin Williams to Wayne Shorter, all recorded live for both audio and television.

Spontaneous Inventions earned Bobby the first of his 10 Grammy Awards. He was filling major concert halls around the world. Things seemed to be going well. But neither the industry nor the public knew exactly what to make of Bobby McFerrin. He was frequently compared to other singers like Al Jarreau, or described as an imitator of instrumental styles. But Bobby wanted to remain on his own iconoclastic path, exploring the limitless potential of the human voice.


Bobby McFerrin, vocals, bass, percussion
Herbie Hancock, piano
Wayne Shorter, soprano saxophone
Jon Hendricks, vocals
Robin Williams, vocals
The Manhattan Transfer


• Remastered and reissued as part of the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign
• Vinyl initiative spearheaded by current Blue Note Records President, Don Was, to include 100 essential Blue Note albums
• Includes special Blue Note 75 vinyl sleeve that features album cover art for 75 Blue Note titles
• First run of vinyl to include Blue Note 75th logo on back of package
• Key to the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign is the creation of high quality audio at an affordable price
• All year long Blue Note will celebrate their iconic artists and the history of the label with various events, digital initiatives, vinyl campaigns and more

Bobby McFerrin Spontaneous Inventions Track Listing:

1. Thinkin' About Your Body (For Debs)
2. Turtle Shoes
3. From Me to You
4. There Ya Go
5. Cara Mia
6. Another Night in Tunisia
7. Opportunity
8. Walkin'
9. I Hear Music
10. Beverly Hills Blues
11. Mañana Iguana

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