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Bombadil - Fences Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) - direct audio

Bombadil - Fences Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock)


  • $ 2098

Bombadil Fences Vinyl LP

"Fences is something new for our band Bombadil. It is more than just an album; it is a new path, a reset after several challenging years...Daniel suggested composing songs using guitar instrumentals our old bandmate Bryan Rahija had written, and of limiting ourselves to a small palette for the next album: guitar, piano, upright bass, harmony vocals. The goal was to make a folk record, something easy to understand, something beautiful. He shared a demo for "Binoculars" and I loved it. It was simple, elegant..."Fence" was written together at a friends house in Crozet, Virginia to kill time on tour.

"An old song of mine, "Long Life," was revived and extended...I learned to be a lead singer on the fly and on stage (with the help of an encouraging septuagenarian opera singer)...In July 2015, Stacy Harden sent me an email inquiring if we needed a musician. In his audition, he played through songs like he had been in the band all along..."What's So Great About You" was the first collaboration between this new trio, and we started to discover what a new version of our band sounded like...

"Our label, Ramseur Records, suggested a producer, a departure after self-recording our last three records. John Vanderslice was given the demos and was enthusiastic about the material. He insisted that we listen closely to Paul Simon's first record. He told us the songs needed a sense of danger, that our demos felt like we were being too careful, and that the songs needed more percussion. John is opinionated, talented, and inspirational. And most of all, making the record with him over 12 days in September 2016 at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco was easy. And fun. And fast. We used only analog equipment, recording to tape through high-end vintage equipment...

"The recordings were all first takes, new ideas were quickly embraced, mistakes were left alone as intention, very little artificial reverb was used but John's concrete echo chamber was used extensively. We hoped to catch lightning in a bottle and I think that we did." - James Phillips/Bombadil


• 180 gram vinyl pressed by Quality Record Pressing
• Produced by John Vanderslice (Spoon, The Mountain Goats, Samantha Crain)
• Mastered by Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson's Thriller, Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Carole King's Tapestry)
• Vinyl lacquers were cut directly from analog tape
• Includes exclusive download of the demo for "Long Life" in addition to the record itself

Bombadil Fences Track Listing:

1. That's So Great About You
2. Not Those Kind of People
3. Binoculars
4. Math and Love
5. Perfect
6. Fence
7. Good News Sadie
8. I Could Make You So Happy
9. Long Life
10. Is This Danger
11. No Snow in the Valley

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