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Bonnie Prince Billy - Will Oldham - Joya on LP - direct audio

Bonnie Prince Billy - Will Oldham - Joya Vinyl LP

Drag City Records

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Will Oldham Joya Vinyl LP

1997 Album from Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy

The voice of Will Oldham has an equivalent sonic organicity. There is initially something disturbing in its feral rawness - it seems to allow us an unsettling glimpse of the eternality, the permanence, of things beyond their mundane appearance. It embodies a certain humanity, distinct from modern, moralistic reading of that word; a humanity beyond questions of good and evil, aware that both of these states contribute to the essence of an existence in thrall of nature.

1997's Joya is mysteriously his first and only album to date actually credited to his own name Will Oldham. By now second-guessing or asking why a release was credited to either Palace, Palace Music, Brothers or Songs was a guaranteed waste of time. Recorded quickly in Chicago the 12-track record may yet be given a retrospective, lost classic cachet, it sounds mercurial, liquid and distinguished and in some ways atypical.

Bonnie Prince Billy Will Oldham Joya Track Listing:

1. O Let It Be
2. Antagonism
3. New Gypsy
4. Under What Was Opression
5. The Gator
6. Open Your Heart
7. Rider
8. Be Still And Know God (Don't Be Shy)
9. Apocalypse, No!
10. I Am Still What I Meant To Be
11. Bolden Boke Boy
12. Idea And Dead

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