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Brian Eno - The Drop Vinyl 2LP + Download Card - direct audio

Brian Eno - The Drop Vinyl 2LP + Download Card

All Saints Records

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Brian Eno The Drop Vinyl 2LP + Download Card

On Vinyl for the First Time!

All Saints is proud to announce the expanded reissues of four Brian Eno solo albums recorded between 1992-1997, each with exclusive bonus content. The albums cover the gamut of Eno styles - exquisite ambient miniatures, immersive hour-long drones, Fela Kuti-inspired polyrhythmic funk, and even vocal-led deconstructed pop songs. Each vinyl edition is accompanied by a 16-page booklet compiling photos, images and writing by Eno himself that is relevant to each release, all being cut on double LP for better sound quality (some titles were only released as single LPs, or never on vinyl).

1997's The Drop was intended not only as a new area for Eno's sonic explorations but as an entirely new style of ‘Drop’ music. Described by the artist as an interpretation of jazz from a vague, alien perspective, The Drop also integrates his interests in the melodic yet percussive basslines of Fela Kuti and the complex, labyrinthine melodies of The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Ever the provocateur, on this record Eno defies classification, avoiding association with pop, existent sonic approaches and even music itself.

This double vinyl edition of The Drop marks the first time the album has appeared on the format. Bonus content includes 2 tracks not found on the CD edition (“Slicing System” and “Sharply Cornered”), a unique vinyl edit of the track “Iced World” plus an accompanying download card.

Brian Eno The Drop Track Listing:


1. Slip, Dip
2. But If
3. Belgian Drop
4. Cornered
5. Block Drop
6. Out/Out
7. Swanky
8. Coasters
9. Blissed
10. M.C. Organ
11. Boomcubist
12. Hazard


1. Rayonism
2. Dutch Blur
3. Back Clack
4. Dear World
5. Slicing System
6. Sharply Cornered
7. Iced World 

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