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Cambridge Audio - 500 Mini to RCA Stereo Interconnect - direct audio

Cambridge Audio - 500 Mini to RCA Stereo Interconnect


  • $ 7000

Designed to get the most from your MP3 player or iPod, the Cambridge Audio AUD500 3.5 is probably the most important upgrade you can make to your portable. As you'd expect from Cambridge Audio, the finest quality cable is used with high purity Oxygen Free Copper and twin screening for ultra low noise levels. Of course it's not just the cable but the plugs that can make a difference, too. Again, the AUD500 cable uses the best quality at its price, with 24K gold plated connections and solid metal bodies. Every cable is hand assembled and the lifetime warranty means that you can be confident about long term durability. In terms of sound quality, this is a dynamic and detailed sounding cable, that will reveal information from you MP3/iPod that you never even knew was there! Try one today, and hear what you've been missing.

Stereo Interconnect
OFC Copper
Premium 24K Gold Connectors
Braided + Mylar Shields
Ipod/MP3 Interconnect
2M only

This product is guaranteed for its lifetime against defects arising from design or assembly, material or workmanship.

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