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Cambridge Audio - HDMI 500 Digital Video Cable


  • $ 7000

The Best Starting Point in Home Theater

For the best starting point in your high definition home theater, look no further than the new 500 Series of HDMI interconnects from Cambridge Audio. Offering crisp 1080p resolution and the with the ability to maximize 7.1 surround sound, it’s ideal for connecting a Blu-ray player, HD cable box, or HD satellite box to your AV receiver or HDTV set. The 500 Series supports Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio for audio performance that's as stunning as the high-definition picture.

The 500 Series' upgraded polythene jacket provides a tough yet supple protective sleeve, while the braided screen and second mylar screen maintain extremely low noise level. OFC Oxygen Free copper conductors maintain signal purity. The 24K gold plated connectors ensure excellent signal transfer. The strain relief protects cable geometry when the cable is under tension, while the rubberized housing ensures maximum durability and long life. The contoured ribs on the housing give you maximum grip when installing.

The HDMI Revolution

HDMI offers incredibly high-speed transfer of audio and video data between the latest entertainment products with just one HDMI cable performing all the functions that up to nine cables would have previously achieved! So not only is performance way better than before, but now just one neat cable has to be hidden away.

Technology moves at a relentless pace. Since the launch of HDMI, the amount of data that needs transferring from the latest games consoles and Blu-ray players to your TV screen is way more than before. Not to mention the speed with which your devices have to communicate – or ‘handshake’. So it’s crucial that you make sure the HDMI cables in your system are up to the task of getting the most from your high definition technology.

Cambridge Audio’s HDMI Interconnects

Getting every drop of performance from your home cinema system just got a whole lot easier! Cambridge Audio’s new HDMI interconnect series is waiting to show you how your system can really perform. So blow the cobwebs off your system with a line of simple to install but highly effective cables from England's number one interconnect manufacturer.

Although cheaper cables may cope with current data transfer demands, Cambridge Audio cables are designed to exceed them, give you the best definition and cope with the refresh rate requirements of the latest equipment. Cambridge Audio HDMI cables also ensure that your connections don’t suffer from handshake problems or a loss of detail and color range. These are all symptoms of inferior HDMI connections.

Eye Pattern Testing

HDMI cables carry very high speed digital data where the timing and wave shape of the data is actually as important as the data itself. For perfect sound and vision, it’s vital that the cable is able to transmit the data according to a correct timing window. This has progressively become tougher as the average data rate rises with the advent of new technology like Blu-ray and HD gaming.

But to ensure the most demanding time-domain performance can be met, HDMI cables can be assessed using the industry standard Eye Pattern test. An Eye Pattern is what the HDMI digital signal looks like on a very fast analyzing oscilloscope. Using this sophisticated analysis, traces of binary data (1s and 0s) overlap on the oscilloscope to form a pattern that resembles an eye shape.

By using this analysis technique, it’s plain to see a broken area within the inner mask where integrity starts to fail on inferior HDMI cables. The net result of this degradation may include picture drop-out or in the worst case, no picture at all.

Unlike many more basic cables series, Cambridge Audio specifically designs its HDMI cables to protect the inner mask, ensuring that data integrity, signal strength, and performance are completely maintained. All this leads to a truly unparalleled home theater experience, in which you see and hear everything the movie maker intended.

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