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Cardas - A8 Ear Speakers In-Ear Headphones


  • $ 29900

Cardas A8 Ear Speakers In-Ear Headphones

Hear Engaging, Dynamic Sound from Portable Devices: Cardas Audio A8 Ear Speakers Play With Engaging Highs and Deep Bass, Further Elevate Performance of Apple and Android Components

Experience lush, dynamic, and addictive sound via your portable audio devices and more with the Cardas Audio A8 ear speakers. So named because of their similarity to loudspeakers and ability to deliver engaging high frequencies and stellar, deep bass, these in-ear headphones sound incredibly musical and lifelike. A 10.85mm ultra-linear, contour-field, dual magnet driver and rubberized ABS-coated body with Cardas' patented Golden Spiral curve (the same in the acclaimed and more expensive EM5813 model) fuel the audiophile-quality sonics.

In addition, the lightweight cable features separate conductors for each channel and disconnects at the joiner, allowing you to effortlessly switch from a single-ended to balanced cable. Android and Apple iOS users can even utilize the Cardas Clarifier app with A8 for even better performance. A8 is a proverbial slam dunk

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