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Cardas - Cross Tonearm Cable - direct audio

Cardas - Cross Tonearm Cable


  • $ 41500

The “Best Value” Tonearm Cable in the Cardas Line-Up!

The Cardas Cross is a more affordable version of the Golden Presence for about 25% less cost. It still takes advantage of the Golden Ratio and uses pure Cardas Copper Litz Wire. If you have less than $2000 invested in your tonearm, the Cross will be the perfect match for your system. It is one of the most neutral sounding cables in its price range, so for those of you who wish to hear your table/cartridge reproduce music without any coloration from the cable, the Cardas Cross is for you.

Tonearm Cables are 1.25m in length. Right angle DIN connector adds $54.

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