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Cardas - Crosslink Interconnects Pair


  • $ 14000

Cardas Crosslink Interconnects Pair

Crosslink is our entry-level interconnect cable. Crosslink is available as a finished cable, terminated by Cardas Audio, and it is also our only interconnect cable available in bulk. Crosslink is ideal for smaller systems, home theater and car audio. CL2 rated for in-wall installations.

Cardas Crosslink is one of the most natural and musical cables for the money! Crosslink is very flexible and lightweight, the perfect match for many components. The Crosslink delivers solid bass, liquid mid-range and a smoothly extended top end.

Multi-gauge, Golden Section, Constant Q conductors are used. Teflon® and cotton create the dielectric, with double shielding and a neoprene jacket. Crosslink is great for small home audio systems. Shown and priced with standard GRCM RCA plugs.

"Forget about edge and grain and welcome a dramatic increase to the dimensionality of the soundstage. The midrange richness that had improved with the Crosslink...was now in full bloom. The palpability of vocals, and the truth of timbre to instruments such as sax, trumpet, and piano was stunning! Wire isn't just wire, when it comes to audio. Materials, geometry, and construction make all the difference in the world. George and the folks at Cardas Audio seem to clearly understand what it takes to let all of the music through."
– SoundStage!

Termination Options: Crosslink is terminated with GRCM RCA plugs, or Neutrik XLRs.

Please Specify Termination when Ordering!

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