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Cardas - Golden Presence Interconnect Pair - direct audio

Cardas - Golden Presence Interconnect Pair


  • $ 60000

Cardas Golden Presence Interconnect

The Golden Presence Interconnect from Cardas is a true reference-level cable. Designed using George Cardas's patented Golden Section Stranding, this cable is at home in the most exotic systems. Dead quiet backgrounds, pure neutrality and a real sense of live recorded events are all hallmarks of this cable design.

Looking for a cable to "fix" some of the problems in your system? Looking for added bass bloom or a smoothed over top-end? Well look elsewhere! This cable is nothing if not true to the source. So if you want to hear your music reproduced faithfully, this cable will give it to you.

Be warned: you will find this cable so natural and pleasing to the ear, that you will want to replace every cable in your system!


•Dual 100% foil & Teflon graphite composite shielding
•4x26Awg copper conductors
•20 Awg cable

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