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Cardas - Microtwin Interconnects Pair - direct audio

Cardas - Microtwin Interconnects Pair


  • $ 18000

Cardas MicroTwin is a Great Starter Cable

The Cardas 300B MicroTwin is their entry level cable, but do not confuse entry-level with "simple" or cheap! While the MicroTwin may be easy on your budget, its performance reflects the technology of Cardas's much more expensive cables. The MicroTwin has a Cotton/Teflon dielectric, 23 gauge Golden Section/Multi-Gauge Litz Wire and double shielding in a neoprene jacket. Choose either RCA or XLR

•Double Shielded
•Teflon & Cotton Dielectric
•Quad-Axial construction
•88 discrete copper conductors
•23 AWG cable

Outside Diameter: .295
Dielectric Type: Teflon®, Cotton
RCA Capacitance: 42.9 pf/ft
XLR Capacitance: 26.5 pf/ft
Discrete Conductors: 88
Cable AWG: 23
Shield Type: Double
Conductor Type: Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz


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