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Cardas Audio - 101 Speaker Cable Pair

Cardas Audio

  • $ 12500

Cardas Audio 101 Speaker Cable

Want to hear amazing natural tonality? How about deep, rich bass response? Or incredibly detailed high-frequencies that sound smooth as silk? Hear a massive leap in performance with a simple speaker cable upgrade! Cardas 101 Speaker Cable features two 14 AWG bare copper Cardas conductors, each built around a small air-tube, providing performance well beyond its gauge. This isolation is responsible for the natural, smooth, non-fatiguing sound it produces. Natural cotton & PFA dielectric, and an Alcryn outer jacket contribute to making 101 a soft, flexible and great sounding cable.

Since it uses bare-copper, 101 is easy to work with. Cardas 101 can be used with crimped connectors, or just strip-and-twist to use with 5-way binding posts. Bottom line: this is a serious sonic upgrade for any system.

The design and construction of 101 deliver the high quality you have come to expect from Cardas Audio. It features an air-tube core with Cardas OFHC bare copper conductors. Gauge sizes are scaled to Golden Ratio proportions with Cross-field layer geometry insulated in a poly jacket, 100% Made and Terminated in the USA.

Termination Options: 101 is available with factory terminations CABE Bananas or GRS Spades

 Please Specify Termination When Ordering!

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