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Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1 Vinyl LP - direct audio

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1 Vinyl LP

El Paraiso Records

  • $ 3198

Causa Sui Summer Sessions Vol. 1 Vinyl LP

Causa Sui's three volumes of Summer Sessions are back in print, originally released in 2009. This time on the band's own label, on individual LPs for the first time since they were first released in 2008 and 2009. Re-packaged in El Paraiso's signature style. Originally the Summer Sessions were intended as a side project for the band - a chance to explore their love for other genres such as American free jazz, krautrock, 1970s soundtracks, as well as the psychedelia and detuned stoner-rock that characterized Causa Sui's first two albums. But these three albums came to define the band, and have become modern classics of psychedelia and progressive rock since their initial release ten years ago.

In a scene often characterized by loyalty to a specific period, there's something refreshing about Causa Sui's eclectic approach. With several guest appearances by Coltrane-devotee Johan Riedenlow on sax and electronics wiz Rasmus Rasmussen, Causa Sui venture far beyond stoner-rock platitudes. Take the grandiose opening statement for example - the 24-minute "Visions Of Summer" taking up the entire A-side on Vol. 1: here new and old sounds dissolve in a mind-bending excursion that recalls Future Days-era Can, breezy tropicalia or Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi group, as much as it sparks associations to Kyuss or Hendrix.

Other tracks, such as the frenetic "Rip Tide" on Vol. 2, heads into straight up free jazz territory with Riedenlow going absolutely bonkers on the sax. But this set also allows plenty of room for atmospheric pieces such as the sun-drenched "Venice By The Sea" on Vol. 3 or the Morricone-esque "Cinecitta" on Vol. 2.

Causa Sui Summer Sessions Vol. 1 Track Listing:

1. Visions Of Summer
2. Red Sun In June
3. Portixeddu
4. Soledad

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