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Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas Colored Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) - direct audio

Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas Colored Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock)

EL Paraiso Records

  • $ 2598

Causa Sui Vibraciones Doradas Colored Vinyl LP

Each of these four epic tracks is a testament to the fact that Causa Sui have carved out a singular niche for themselves, where vintage Sabbath-isms are filtered through a distinctively post-modern ethos.

Causa Sui's brand of rock conveys everything that's so great about fuzzed-out heaviness, yet there's something about it that makes the listening experience far from trivial. In stark contrast to the standards of the stoner/doom scenes, Causa Sui manage to be weighty and peaceful at the same; forceful, yet vulnerable, ecstatic yet thoughtful. On opener "The Drop", the band drives a thick John Bonham groove into Can-esque freeform ecstasy before liquefying the groove into a warm ocean of shoegaze-y guitars and wistful synths.

On 11-minute centerpiece "El Fuego", they create a sonic river that seems be channeling Popol Vuh as much as Palm Desert stoner rock. And the closing title track can best be described as sounding like that Sonic Youth sludge-metal record that never was.

Causa Sui Vibraciones Doradas Track Listing:

1. The Drop
2. El Fuego
3. Viborera
4. Seven Hills
5. Vibraciones Doradas

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