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Cayin - A-88T MK 3 Integrated Amplifier


  • $ 2,99999

Cayin A-88T MK 3 Integrated Amplifier

Another gorgeous, hand-crafted tube piece from Cayin, this one designed to deliver the sound of the classic McIntosh MC-275. Like it's brothers the A-50T and A-70T, this amp includes remote control switching between ultralinear and triode operation. The craftsmanship is absolutely first-rate, featuring point-to-point wiring, and each unit is hand-numbered and signed by an inspector.

This piece was hand-built with extreme attention to detail, including point-to-point wiring. Point-to-point was the way that amps used to be wired back in the 1950s and '60s when cost was not the primary objective. Nowadays, most everything contains circuit boards instead of this point-to-point wiring, which is much more dependable and better performing. The bottom line is that point-to-point wiring sounds better.

It's one of the main reasons why these Cayin pieces sound like the classic tube gear from Marantz and McIntosh. Anymore, products that feature point-to-point wiring cost a fortune, or they feature sub-par workmanship. You simply are not going to find craftsmanship likewith this Cayin gear for anywhere close to this price. 

There are output taps for 4 or 8 ohms. This allows you to fine-tune the sound that you desire. Switching is simple, and listening to the differences is a lot of fun.

There is a removable cage, included at no extra charge. The cage snaps into place simply, so that you can take it on and off with no problem. Keep it on if you're worried about protecting your tubes, or take it off to show what real, heavy-duty, classic tube gear looks like. Turn off the lights and watch 'em glow.

"…there were a variety of interesting and outstanding Cayin products in the room including the A-88T Integrated amplifier, the 265A 40 Watt Class A integrated, the SC 10 Super pre-amp and VAS Citation 2 mono-bloc amplifiers. These products offer great sound at unbelievably affordable prices, while the Citation 2 monos take retro-cred to new levels of audiophile drool-worthiness. They looked great – they sounded even better. Meanwhile, an after-hours outing with the A-88T integrated, teamed with an Electrocompaniet CD player driving the Eben-X2s in the Nordost room reached the assembled group of vinyl die-hards to stunned silence – and in some cases, tears. Look for some really exciting products from Cayin and VAS, representing stunning value for the audiophile. The best of vintage sound combined with modern construction and componentry…" – Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 42


Includes remote-control selection of preamp (bypass) input, allowing for power amp configuration
Includes Protective Cage
Tubes: KT88x4, 6SL7x2, 6SN7x2
KT-88 or EL-34 output tube compatible (selector switch)
Bias meter for easy confirmation & adjustment of output tube current
Power output: 22W triode; 45W ultralinear
Frequency response: 18Hz-35kHz
THD: 1% (1kHz)
S/N Ratio: 90db
Input impedance: 100K ohms
Input sensitivity: 260mV (integrated); 600mV (pre-in)
Output impedance: 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm
Weight: 55 pounds (25 kg)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 16.5"x 14.5"x 8.5"
Power consumption: 280W
Hand made with point-point wiring
Soft-start circuit (30 seconds) - ideal for extended tube life
Tube plate fuse protects the amp output stage
Custom designed output transformers for low impedance/wide bandwidth with multiple-tap outputs
Toridal power transformer
Heavy-gauge, ventilated steel chassis - hand rubbed and polished
Premium parts, including chassis-mounted ceramic tube sockets, ALPS volume control, Nichicon and Realcap capacitors, WBT style speaker terminals and Gold-plated input jacks

Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labor, 90 Days on Tubes

These Cayin products are remote-controlled

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