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Centro-matic - Take Pride In Your Long Odds Vinyl LP - direct audio

Centro-matic - Take Pride In Your Long Odds Vinyl LP

Thirty Tigers Records

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Centro-matic Take Pride In Your Long Odds Vinyl LP

Triumphant, defiant, sprawling, content but never complacent - Centro-matic’s latest album is yet another bold statement in the ongoing dialogue between these four musicians and their supporters. After 17 years, the band is still driven to mine new territories and make a beautiful racket together. Rock & roll veterans now, they know - as the title of their new album advises - to take pride in their long odds. This championing of tireless underdog determination is a key element of the band’s hard-rocking 11th studio LP.

Centro-matic began with blessedly little intention back in the mid ’90s as the four-track recording project of young musician Will Johnson (then drummer for Denton, Texas, band Funland). But the stakes were upped when, in December 1997, future Centro-matic drummer Matt Pence teamed up with Johnson to record what would become the band’s 1997 debut LP, Redo the Stacks. Though largely a Will Johnson solo record, the album featured violin from soon-to-be-bandmate Scott Danbom, and of course, the invaluable sonic guidance of Pence.

Just shy of a dozen records and 17 years later, Johnson, Pence, multi-instrumentalist Danbom and bassist/guitarist Mark Hedman holed up at Pence’s Argyle, Texas, studio The Echo Lab and began tracking Take Pride In Your Long Odds. While the following description doesn't exactly capture the complexities of their roles and relationships within the band, at a glance, Johnson and Danbom are two eccentric, melody-obsessed peas in a pod. They operate on instinct, harpooning passing inspiration.

Pence, on the flip side, is the recording and production wizard - a technical mastermind who spends incalculable hours honing sonic minutiae, which lets Johnson and Danbom more freely chase their muse. Level-headed and laid-back, Hedman bridges the gap - he’s their anchor, their big-picture guy. Lending a helping hand on this new record is close friend and producer Scott Solter, who also provided essential guidance on the band’s previous album, Candidate Waltz.

Beneath all the gorgeous noise damage, fuzz riffs, swirling synths and pounding drums of Take Pride In Your Long Odds is a profound set of songs shot into existence by a band of wizened veterans living out a dream that’s still as vibrant as when it began.

Centro-matic Take Pride In Your Long Odds Track Listing:

1. Take Pride In Your Long Odds
2. Every Mission
3. Salty Disciple
4. Cross Path
5. Anything Torn Out
6. Academy Of Lunkers
7. Calling You Glad
8. Cynthia Glass
9. Hey There, Straps
10. Relative Unto The Aces
11. On The Ride Back
12. Through The Fog, Then Down

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