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Ceremony of Silence - Outis Vinyl LP - direct audio

Ceremony of Silence - Outis Vinyl LP

Willowtip Records

  • $ 2498

Ceremony of Silence Outis Vinyl LP

Slovakian death/black metal duo Ceremony of Silence unleash their mind-bending debut album Outis on Willowtip Records. Death metal with a dissonant, yet atmospheric feel, powered by rapid-fire blast beasts and dizzying tremolo riffs, the lyrics deal with mysticism and death, concepts that carry over into the album's cover art.

"The main lyrical concept behind 'Outis' deals with a mystical path of a man – a confrontation with his innermost self and his direct experience of the ultimate perennial wisdom, while releasing all his attachments to the mundane world," explains drummer Svjatogor. "Various stages of this path are concealed in a series of metaphorical visions that add another layer to the music itself." Outis was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2017 by Miroslav Spevák at SPK Audio (Badin, Slovakia).

Ceremony of Silence Outis Track Listing:

1. Invocation of the Silent Eye
2. Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
3. Trance of Void
4. Upon the Shores of Death
5. Black Sea of Drought
6. Arising of No Man
7. Into the Obscure Light

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