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Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Phosphorescent Harvest Vinyl 2LP + 7" - direct audio

Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Phosphorescent Harvest Vinyl 2LP + 7"

Silver Arrow Records

  • $ 2198

Chris Robinson Brotherhood Phosphorescent Harvest Vinyl 2LP + 7"

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Chris Robinson (lead vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (guitar, vocals), Adam MacDougall (keys, vocals), George Sluppick (drums) and Mark Dutton (bass, vocals) - are set to unveil their third studio album Phosphorescent Harvest in April 2014 via Silver Arrow Records.

Phosphorescent Harvest is a treasure trove of 10 songs - including several the band road-tested over the last few years - that advances the band's kaleidoscopic sound, which is deeply soulful, rootsy and spacey all at once. There's strong songcraft here, with a free-flowing delivery; it is music that is in no hurry to reach its destination but firmly knows where it is going.

From the beginning, the CRB set out to do something different from what they had done before, creating their own scene with a musical prowess, cohesive songwriting and a unified commitment to experimentation, both in the studio and on the road (they've performed over 230 shows since forming in 2011).

"The best perspective I have on what's going on in my life - good and bad - is what comes out in the songs," says Robinson. "As you move on in time, you get older, you have relationships. Some of them are good, some fail. Friends. Drugs. Life. Death. People come, people go. Songwriting is a completely different emotional response to your life and to what it means, to in some poetic nature, put it out there."

Phosphorescent Harvest follows the release of the companion albums Big Moon Ritual (June 2012) and The Magic Door (September 2012) plus last year's live quadruple vinyl Betty's S.F. Blends, Vol 1. The group continues to record with producer Thom Monahan, and Robinson wrote all of the songs with Casal, save for two that are Robinson solo compositions ("Tornado," "Jump The Turnstiles").

"We're really going by the electricity and the vibrations that we can sort of tune in to," Robinson recently told Relix magazine. "There's a psychedelic component to it. That's part of the greasing the wheels of the great cosmic engine, with psychedelic thought and philosophy and action. If you get my drift."

He went on to talk about the more rock and roll feel on Phosphorescent Harvest, and his overall vision for the Brotherhood: "I'm not going to have hit records. I don't write pop songs. But then again, I find a deep need to express myself and how I'm feeling and where I am and where I've been and where I'm going by writing songs.

Why change something to make it easier for anyone else, when I think if we stay sincere and keep our energies in a real creative place, then people will wander into our small community, and it maybe would get more popular…to tend that garden is a great responsibility. But I want it to grow."

The 2LP release of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood's Phosphorescent Harvest also includes a bonus 7" vinyl disc with "Humboldt Windchimes"/"Star Crossed Lonely Sailor."

Chris Robinson Brotherhood Phosphorescent Harvest Track Listing:


1. Shore Power
2. About a Stranger
3. Meanwhile In The Gods...
4. Badlands Here We Come
5. Clear Blue Sky & The Good Doctor
6. Beggar's Moon
7. Wanderer's Lament
8. Tornado
9. Jump The Turnstiles
10. Burn Slow

A1. Humboldt Windchimes
B1. Star Crossed Lonely Sailor

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