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Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks Vinyl LP - direct audio

Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks Vinyl LP

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Chrome Sparks Chrome Sparks Vinyl LP

Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) knows how to make his tracks shine. His eponymous debut album boasts a sparkling sound - a euphony of hip-hop, house and bright-beaming synthwork. It also includes standout collaborations with Australian duo Kllo and Body Language's Angelica Bess, their voices re-imagined through Malvin's brightly-daubed kaleidoscope of influences.

The album is the product of an obsessive approach to production as much it is about a restless hunt for new ideas. On "Still Think," for example, the vocoder vocals and saccharine melodies show a predilection for straight-for-the-jugular songwriting. But there's also a lush texture and intricacy to the synths and arpeggios which underpin the track. That inventive studio mindset also resulted in "I Just Wanna," a track whose origins grew out of a set of sine wave patterns.

Elsewhere, he's adept at putting his collaborators center stage. Tracks are honed around the strengths of the vocalists, rooted in the genuine to-and-fro of synergy. In "What's It Gonna Take," Angelica Bess' vocals are framed by steady-bouncing, trap-tilted drums. Swirling around the silky, magnetic shine Bess adds to the track, Malvin amplifies the feeling with minor-chord melodies and swells of atmospheric pads. There's an eye to the dancefloor in much of the record, too. Not least on "Wings," where a straight up, steady kick drum is the track's foundation.

Chrome Sparks Chrome Sparks Track Listing:

1. Rocket
2. What's It Gonna Take (feat. Angelica Bess)
3. Still Think
4. Sugar
5. All Or Nothing (feat. Angelica Bess)
6. I Just Wanna (feat. Kllo)
7. O, My Perfection
8. Wings
9. Attack Sustain Release (feat. Graham Ulicny)
10. To Eternity

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