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Cluster - Cluster II 180g Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

Cluster - Cluster II 180g Import Vinyl LP

4 Men With Beards

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Cluster Cluster II Import Vinyl LP

After Schnitzler's departure, Moebius and Roedelius began to work with producer Conny Plank and recorded Cluster. For their work Cluster II Conny Plank even got credits as composer of music that became more quiet and joyful. Here Cluster's tracks became titles for the first time which reflected, like Zwei-Osterei by Kluster, their strange kind of humour.

Cluster Cluster II Track Listing:

1. Plas
2. Im Süden
3. Für Die Katz'
4. Live in Der Fabrik
5. Georgel
6. Nabitte

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