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Continuum - Designed Obsolescence Vinyl LP - direct audio

Continuum - Designed Obsolescence Vinyl LP

Unique Leader Records

  • $ 2298

Continuum Designed Obsolescence Vinyl LP

Continuum is a technical death metal band from Santa Cruz, CA that was formed in the summer of 2009 by Chase Fraser following the disbanding of Animosity, a bay area metal band. After a couple years writing and rehearsing with different musicians, a lineup was fleshed out featuring Riley McShane of Allegeon on vocals, Ivan Munguia of Deeds of Flesh on guitar, Nick Willbrand on bass and Spencer Edwards on drums.

This lineup started playing very frequently in the Bay area with bands like Fallujah, Obscura, Pathology, Abigail Williams, Decrepit Birth, and Abysmal Dawn among others, and eventually released their first album on Unique Leader records in April of 2015. Fast forward three years and Continuum is back with their second album, Designed Obsolescence. With the addition of Ron Casey on drums (Inanimate Existence, ex Braindrill, ex Rings of Saturn) and a wider spectrum of progressive technical death metal song writing this is by far their most realized and well thought out release to date.

The band is conceptually structured in the mysteries of the infinite and the early but still relevant and unsolved theories of the "continuumhypothesis." This hypothesis was studied by a number of mathematicians including Georg Cantor in 1878, all of whom committed suicide before reaching a conclusion to the unfathomable question of infinity. Designed Obsolescence was produced, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate (Arkaik, All Shall Perish) with stunning artwork again by the masterful Par Olofsson.

Continuum Designed Obsolescence Track Listing:

1. Theorem
2. Release from Flesh and Blood
3. A History Denied
4. Designed Obsolescence
5. All Manner of Decay
6. Autonomic
7. Into the Void
8. Remnants of Ascension
9. Repeating Actions

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