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Cosmic Vibrations and Dwight Trible - Pathways and Passages Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Cosmic Vibrations and Dwight Trible - Pathways and Passages Vinyl 2LP

Spirit Music Group

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Cosmic Vibrations and Dwight Trible Pathways and Passages Vinyl 2LP

Spiritmuse presents Pathways & Passages, the debut album from Cosmic Vibrations the LA-based ensemble led by acclaimed jazz vocalist Dwight Trible that defines spiritual jazz in the 21st century. A genre-defying amalgamation of divine vocals, soul-stirring jazz, healing poetry, with a rich tapestry of African, Mesoamerican and indigenous North American percussion and instrumentation, taking you on a cosmic journey of spiritual improvisation and beyond.

Cosmic Vibrations is a supergroup of heavyweight musicians with a vast combined experience, an ensemble of six souls who approach improvisation full of spirit and without ego. Gathered for this very purpose by Dwight Trible, undoubtedly the most acclaimed and in-demand vocalist currently working in the realms of spiritual jazz, the band has been performing steadily over the last three years, building a reputation in LA and further afield for their electric, mesmerizing performances. Pathways & Passages presents the first time that their transcendental sound has been recorded and publicly released.

Improvisation forms the core of this record, but the rhythm, the groove is never absent. The poetry led "Nature's Vision" sets the tone for the record's journey, but it peaks on the group's incredible rendition "Motherless Child." A live favorite of Trible's, this bluesy take rides heavy on John B. Williams' bass and enjoys the addition of guest Scott Fraser's lap steel guitar. With his rich, emotive singing Trible takes full possession of the song. By the time the beautiful closing ballad, "Some Other Time" ends, the album has truly succeeded in transcending the listener from their earthly surroundings.

Cosmic Vibrations and Dwight Trible Pathways and Passages Track Listing:

1. Nature's Vision
2. Blue Skies
3. Movin' On
4. How Long
5. Motherless Child
6. Passages
7. May the Weak Become Strong
9. Water Flow
10. Tragedy Escapes
11. Some Other Time

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