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Culture - Two Sevens Clash Vinyl LP - direct audio

Culture - Two Sevens Clash Vinyl LP

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Culture Two Sevens Clash Vinyl LP

Culture was initially recorded by producer Joe Gibbs during the post-incubation period of roots rockers music in 1976. Assisted by the excellent productions of these recordings, Culture emerged in '77 with a unicity of symbolic sound on their debut album Two Sevens Clash.

Rhythms were created as dubsonic sound of creative freedom which defied limits and revealed the natural expression of the African-Caribbean soul, mellifluous voices with the sounds/chants of the New Africanism. Songs of cultural awareness that impart an ire feel through message/magic music of truths and rights depicting the struggle, history and aspirations of an evolution.

Two Sevens Clash was a significant achievement and produced international recognition for the local group comprised of Joseph Hill (lead vocal), Albert Walker (tenor), Kenneth Dayes (alto); when the album was named among the top roots rockers reggae albums of '77 by the British music press.

Culture Two Sevens Clash Track Listing:

1. Calling Rasta For I
2. I'm Alone In The Wilderness
3. Pirate Days
4. Two Sevens Clash
5. I'm Not Ashamed
6. Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion
7. Black Starliner Must Come
8. Jah Pretty Face
9. See Them A Come
10. Natty Dread Taking Over

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