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DaM-FunK - Adolescent Funk on 2LP - direct audio

DaM-FunK - Adolescent Funk on 2LP

Stones Throw Records

  • $ 1899

DaM-FunK Adolescent Funk on 2LP

Dam-Funk, to many, is somewhat of a newer name, but what we see and hear from him is a great deal more interesting than a new and emerging artist with a sound influenced from the golden era of electro-funk. Dam-Funk is the real deal. He has been recording for himself for over two decades, developing his work to his own taste, and using equipment like the Korg M1, Linn Drum, and Casio SK-1 since the days when many other musicians considered them novelty electronics rather than instruments. At the request of Peanut Butter Wolf, Dam went through many of these recordings, all made on cassette, going back to his teenage years. As Wolf tells it, "Dam told me, ‘this is your project Wolf. Do whatever you want with it. I leave it in your hands. I don't even wanna see it til it's done. Have fun.'" The result is Dam-Fun's Adolescent Funk, a first-rate 14-track collection recorded between 1988 and 1992.

DaM-FunK Adolescent Funk Track Listing:

1. Fonky Island Life
2. It's My Life!
3. The Telephone Call
4. I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)
5. Sexy Lady
6. I Don't Want You
7. UCanDoItIfUWant2
8. I Love Life
9. When I'm With U I Think Of Her
10. Do You Feel Like I Feel
11. I Don't Love U
12. Raindrops
13. Attitude
14. I Appreciate My Life

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