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DaM-FunK - Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly on LP - direct audio

DaM-FunK - Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly on LP

Stones Throw Records

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DaM-FunK Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly on LP

In 2009 Dam-Funk released his Stones Throw Records debut album, Toeachizown, an epic of modern funk, containing over two hours of music in five separately-titled parts. The vinyl release originally came out in a 5LP boxed set. These boxed set versions are long gone and out of print now, but Stones Throw finally has the five records available again as stand alone LPs.

Dam Funk breaks down Vol. 2: "Fly is Vol. 2 from my project Toeachizown. The 1st 3 joints on this volume consist of my continued steps into the 'electric-space-funk' style I'm humbled 2 share with U from my mind, yet this time out, with a more 'danceable' vibe 2 it. U know, for the clubs...worldwide! The first 3 tracks "Flying V Ride" (which is a reference 2 the fabled UFO that many have reported seeing in their lifetime), "Candy Dancin'" & "Burn Straight Thru U" co-exist as a 'suite' called "The Move Suite".

"Yes, 3 songs that are joined together as 1. This is why the 'drum machine pattern' is the same on these 3 particular songs. "Candy Dancin'" also features a wicked synth solo & vocoder contribution by the 1 and only Mark de Clive-Lowe. The remaining 3 joints of this volume: "10 West", "I Wanna Know" (a vocal) & "Rollin'" represent exactly what the title of this volume is: Fly. They're joints that U can roll 2. Let your hair down 2. Vibe with a lady 2 (or vice-versa), + stay 'fly' 2. I know there's still some fly ladies & gentlemen out there. This Vol. 2 from my Toeachizown project is...4 U."

DaM-FunK Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly Track Listing:

1. Flying V Ride
2. Burn Straight Thru U
3. Candy Dancin'
4. 10 West
5. I Wanna Know
6. Rollin'

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