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DaM-FunK - Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life on LP - direct audio

DaM-FunK - Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life on LP

Stones Throw Records

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DaM-FunK Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life on LP

In 2009 Dam-Funk released his Stones Throw Records debut album, Toeachizown, an epic of modern funk, containing over two hours of music in five separately-titled parts. The vinyl release originally came out in a 5LP boxed set. These boxed set versions are long gone and out of print now, but Stones Throw finally has the five records available again as stand alone LPs.

Dam Funk breaks down Vol. 3: "This particular part of my debut; Toeachizown is Vol. 3 & it's called Life because these songs focus on relationships; good ones & weird ones (if U will). These songs also include vocals on all the tracks. The one I'm most proud of in this juncture of the album is "I Wanna Thank U (4 Steppin' Into My Life)" as it's dedicated 2 someone very special 2 me who came into my life at the right time and without judgement. It's a full song. Hook, verses, bridge and ready for radio play. I just wanted 2 show that I can actually create a full song (if and when I choose 2), and not only way out there beats & such.

"All the songs on Life I hope connect with my friends who dig my take and contribution to this strain of Funk, which I consider Melodic-Funk, influenced by such great artists that came before me like: Loose Ends, KASHIF, MTUME, and some of Steve Arrington's (of SLAVE) more mellower solo joints. I also enjoyed creating "Could I Be Loosing Another Lover?" This one's dedicated 2 all who may be able 2 relate 2 this type of situation."

DaM-FunK Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life Track Listing:

1. Love Is Here 2nite (I Can Feel It)
2. Could I Be Losing Another Lover?
3. Show Me The Way U Feel
4. One Less Day
5. I Wanna Thank U (4 Steppin' Into My Life)

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