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Damon Edge - Alliance on Limited Edition Colored LP - direct audio

Damon Edge - Alliance Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

Cleopatra Records

  • $ 1498

Damon Edge Alliance Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

Limited edition colored vinyl pressing from Cleopatra Records of Alliance, the classic 1985 solo debut album from Chrome founder Damon Edge. The original 8-track set also comes augmented with the bonus track "When The Hall Cries."

Chrome originated with drummer and vocalist Damon Edge in 1976. Edge took inspiration from influences as divergent as proto-punk pioneers like The Stooges, to sound art experimentation like the work of John Cage and Allan Kaprow. When heavy rock guitarist and vocalist Helios Creed joined the band, Chrome officially found their footing.

Creed and Edge developed a unique methodology within Chrome, bringing art into sound, splicing in a sci-fi collage of sound bites, combining searing rock with noise, weirdness, pile driver rhythms, heavy rhythm-guitar riffs, effects-laden vocals and psychedelic guitar leads, and mindbending audio manipulations. They came up during a fertile era of experimentation for music in San Francisco, from the break of punk to the advent of art rock and Industrial musical projects. Chrome was groundbreaking and their de/re-construction of rock 'n' roll created a sound that defied categorization.

Damon Edge Alliance Track Listing:

1. Blue Nights
2. I’m A Gentleman
3. When I’m Not Alone
4. Why Not Give Me Your Next Trance
5. Alliance Of Hearts
6. Angel Fire
7. Coming At La Mer To A World Left Behind
8. Rhapsody In Maroon
9. When The Hall Cris (bonus track)

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