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Das EFX - Hold It Down 180g Import Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Das EFX - Hold It Down 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

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Das EFX Hold It Down 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

Das EFX is an American hip hop duo. It consists of emcees Dray (also known as Krazy Drayz, born Andre Weston, September 9, 1970) and Skoob (also known as Books, born William "Willie" Hines, November 27, 1970). They named themselves "DAS" standing for "Dray and Skoob" and "EFX" meaning "effects".

They rose to popularity in the early 1990s due to the duo's stream of consciousness lyrical delivery, which became one of the most influential lyrical styles in hip hop music at the time; as well as their affiliation with EPMD's Hit Squad. Their style combined intricate rhymes, sometimes mixed with made up words (especially ending with "-iggedy"), delivered with a fast-paced flow and numerous pop culture and hip hop culture references.

Hold It Down can be seen as the rebirth of Das EFX. The American hip-hop duo worked together with acclaimed producers as DJ Premier and Pete Rock. The beats aren't the only superior factor of this album, the lyrics are just as good. It's one of those underground classics which didn't come the whole way to reach the surface. But nowadays it can be seen as one of the finer hip-hop albums from the early nineties. It is an uncompromisingly and raw album, where Das EFX changed his style to one with harder edges.

Das EFX Hold It Down Track Listing:


1. Intro (Once Again)
2. No Diggedy
3. Knockin' Niggaz Off
4. Here We Go
5. Real Hip Hop (Original Version)
6. Here It Is
7. Microphone Master
8. 40 & A Blunt
9. Buck– Buck


1. Intro
2. Can't Have Nuttin'
3. Alright
4. Hold It Down
5. Dedicated
6. Ready To Rock Rough Rhymes
7. Represent The Real (featuring KRS-One)
8. Commin' Thru
9. Hardcore Rap Act
10. Bad News (featuring PMD)

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