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Daughters - Daughters on Limited Edition Vinyl LP - direct audio

Daughters - Daughters on Limited Edition Vinyl LP (Awaiting Repress)

Hydra Head Records

  • $ 1998

Daughters Daughters on Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Just when you get to the age where sitting in traffic and switching back and forth from the conservative to the liberal talk radio station sounds more appealing then sifting through the bush-league releases of the day, Daughters comes through with an untouchable new record absolutely snuffing out your now-so-surly being.

Because that is exactly the kind of record Daughters' self-titled release is, the kind you can't stop turning up. The kind that satisfies every cultural/musical requisite a critical listener possesses while simultaneously reinventing the wheel.

None of that, 'this band is my fine art project, musicianship is secondary because I am an artist foremost' garbage included. This is what the dudes in Daughters do and that fact has never been more apparent than on this record. Their self-titled release is a ten and sadly their eulogy.

Daughters Daughters Track Listing:

1. The Virgin
2. The First Supper
3. The Hit
4. The Theatre Goer
5. Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)
6. The Dead Singer
7. Sweet Georgia Brown
8. The Unattractive Portable Head

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